Juliet Strong

Singer. Songwriter. Performer. Teacher.

Piano and Voice Lessons for Students of all ages!

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Serving loyal students of all ages since 2005.

My main goal as a music educator is to instill my students with a sense of joy, artistic curiosity and discipline when it comes to music, singing and the piano.

Piano Lessons

Using theory, technique and ear training methods, students will explore musical concepts, gain a foundation for understanding the keyboard, note names, rhythm, sight reading, and correct hand position to play properly and efficiently. I use imaginative imagery and games to help young students develop a loving relationship with the piano and the art of making music. 

Voice Lessons

Connect to your voice, breath and body. Heighten your awareness of how singing FEELS.
Learn how to tune into your body and get out of your own way. I have developed a teaching method that uses unique warm-ups and breathing techniques, influenced by Hatha Yoga and Meditation, to create better body awareness and to teach people about proper alignment, freedom from tension, and a basic understanding of how the voice works. Vocal exercises, technique, and exploration of musicality and emotional content will help you develop specific performance techniques and discover your unique sound.
In combination with these techniques, I coach my students in delivery, characterization, phrasing, and vowel placement to help them deliver their best performance, and connect to the joy of singing and the art of making music!
I can help you start from scratch, brush up on your skills, gain confidence, fine tune old and new material, and develop your original work and songwriting. Sing your favorite Broadway tunes, Jazz standards, or classical pieces. Learn how to let go and rock out!


$55 per half hour lesson

$65 per forty-five minute lesson

$75 per hour

Lessons are in my home studio on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays. (Bushwick, L train to Jefferson St)

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Juliet Strong grew up in the San Francisco folk scene, and was exposed to many traditional styles of music and dance including Balkan, Turkish, Flamenco, Americana, Irish, Scottish, Indian and Brazilian. Juliet has a background in classical and jazz piano and earned a degree in Vocal Performance from the University of Oregon. She has also received theatre training from the California Shakespeare School and Berkeley Rep School. She has been seen on stages with the Oregon Festival of American Music, Shotgun Players, A Traveling Jewish Theatre, Bootstrap Theatre Company, and in Yosemite National Park. Juliet has taught privately for many years as well as through the Williamsburg School of Music. As a teacher, she is heavily influenced by Hatha Yoga and meditation, with the focus being on creating body awareness, proper alignment, and freedom from tension for both singers and pianists. With younger students she employs imagery and story telling in lessons. Juliet performs original music at clubs and concerts in New York City and tours on both the east and west coasts.

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Here’s what some of my clients have to say

"Juliet was an absolutely patient, intuitive and talented piano teacher for my daughter Isabella. She quite literally 'broke the code' and taught Isabella to not only play, but to understand, the piano."

-Keri Ingvaarson, Brooklyn, NY

“Juliet, your voice lessons did way more for me than help my voice, and way more than you probably know.  You and your teaching improved my overall self confidence and helped me battle anxiety more easily.

Juliet provides a unique, friendly, encouraging atmosphere for anyone who wants to learn to sing or improve their voice. She’s helped me find my true voice as well as gain more confidence, not just in singing, but in daily life as well. Her relaxing, yoga warm ups go hand in hand with singing and brings about quick progress and great relaxation by the end of each lesson.”

-Marty Glassely, Shasta City, CA

"Juliet is wonderful, she teaches singing to my daughter who is in 4th grade. She is very approachable and friendly (which is great for young people like my daughter) and is extremely knowledgeable and skilled as well, it's clear from listening to the lessons that she has a deep understanding of music theory and vocal technique. Juliet is able to keep the lesson moving along and focused but also open to trying new things when they arise. We're very happy that have found Juliet, she's an incredible resource!"

-Eliza, Brooklyn, NY

"Juliet is a fantastic piano teacher. She is so patient, calm and encouraging. She is very good at keeping the lessons fun and interesting for young children, who can sometimes be easily distracted! My 5 year old has been taking lessons with Juliet for less than a year, during which she has played a wide range of songs and she is now beginning to read music. Most importantly, Juliet nurtures a love of music in her students. She is easy to talk to, understanding of children, and very communicative with parents. Thank you Juliet!"

-Charmaine Chin, Manhattan, NY

"Juliet is a fantastic teacher! I think her general manner of just being kind, patient and supportive makes you feel more at ease, which is really important since I think a good portion of singing ability is about your mental state and confidence. Juliet is highly attentive when it comes to her analysis of your vocal strengths and weaknesses, and very knowledgeable about the inner workings of singing and how to alter and improve your sound. I think its very difficult to teach singing, as its very abstract and hard to explain how you can improve your sound, but it definitely really helps to have a teacher like Juliet. She also has an amazingly powerful/beautiful voice, which is reassuring!"

-Owen C. Brooklyn, NY

"Juliet is simply amazing. Not only a deeply attentive, kind, supportive and skillful teacher, she's an overall fantastic human being who'll make you feel completely comfortable the moment you walk in, and work your strengths and weaknesses from a holistic and encouraging approach.
Her space has a welcoming energy and inspires creativity and concentration, the classes go by in a flash."

-Antonio, Brooklyn, NY

“Juliet is a very warm and experienced teacher with a lot of patience and a deep appreciation of music. She treated all my girls as individuals and picked out pieces that really spoke to their personalities. They loved having her in our home each week. We all give her our highest recommendation! The triplets started with Juliet about three years ago, have become terrific pianists and love playing. In fact, they love to play and enjoyed Juliet so much, I never have to ask them to practice. On the contrary, sometimes we have to tell them to take a break!” -Dana Young, Oakland, CA

“My son, Sam, had such a lovely time learning piano with Juliet. She has a real way with kids such that they can learn easily without feeling stressed. Even after a long day in a Montessori classroom, Sam was always so excited for his lesson with Juliet!” -Heather Wood, Berkeley, CA

“Juliet is a talented musician and pianist who is adept at transferring those skills successfully to eager learners. She successfully worked with not only my young son, but patiently took me on – a middle-aged pianist wannabe – and taught me fundamentals and how to read music. She has inspired me! Plus, she is a delightful human being who we really enjoy having in our home!” -Janice Roberts, Piedmont, CA

“Our time with Juliet was extremely fruitful for my 10 year old daughter. She had been taking piano lessons for the past 4 years but it wasn’t until Juliet that a real enthusiasm for the piano came through. She actually started to practice without my constant prodding and looked forward to her weekly lessons. As she says “I like being able to choose my own music and make suggestions”. With Juliet’s lessons we were able to break through that barrier between just taking lessons and a real enjoyment of the piano! As I write this, my daughter is trying to piece together a song by ear by Adele for the talent show, something she now has the confidence and desire to do.” -Karen Wiggan, Oakland, CA