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Heading West! New Album Progress!


I've been working in fits and starts on this new album.  It's been a slooooow process of trying to figure out how to collaborate with multiple talents from across the country, deciding which songs to put in the album, trying to figure out why and what for, and how I want it to sound.  So many decisions! 



I'm really excited to be heading out to California for a week this month, to get some heavy editing and mixing done with Danny Cantrell.  We'll be honing in on the sound, making some fun decisions, and working on how to polish these tracks into shiny beautiful songs for you. 


I'm funding this thing all on my own.  Which makes me really happy, because it means that I'm in a position to do so. And I have some really amazing friends and family doing me some really big favors. But here's the thing: It would be super duper cool if you wanted to help out too.  You can do that by pre-ordering the album, or just by donating a little bit to the cause because the music biz is weird and crazy, and this is what we have to do when we want to make an album.

I'm not doing a Go Fund Me, or Kickstarter for this.  I'm doing direct patron to artist exchange here.  Please donate on PayPal directly to me: hoolieta@gmail.com.  You can preorder the album for $10.  I'm expecting to do a small batch of vinyl prints, so if you'd like it on vinyl, it's $25.  If I don't get enough interest for vinyl, I'll be printing a t-shirt and will send that to you, along with the digital album, once it's finished. 

Expected release: June 2018!

Eternally grateful for your continued support! 

Peace and love,


Playing at Caffe Trieste in Monterey, California last summer.  Photo: Emily Schmit

Playing at Caffe Trieste in Monterey, California last summer.  Photo: Emily Schmit